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Robotixlab is all about merging innovation, creativity, design and technology with education. We are passionate turning education into an unforgettable experience, creating concepts based on experimentation and learning by doing, using theme based scenarios, embracing failure and promoting iterative design cycles. Robotics engineers, creative educationalists and artists work together to bring to life tailor made activities and custom made hardware . From robotics workshops to DIY electronics, from 3D design, printing and making to interactive robotic exhibits for museums and from special robots for photographers to educational robot kits for kids, robotixlab people go bananas for tinkering!
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Robotics workshops, range from small 3 to 4, 90 minutes sessions to long 25 to 30, 90 minutes sessions. The workshops structure, the curriculum, the material and the progression rhythm is designed according to the age range, the number of sessions and it’s modified actively based on the group dynamics. Theme based scenarios and challenges like interactive robots that produce art (drawing, make music, get choreographed and dance), maze solving robots in Theseas and Minotaur adventure, robot recyclers that save the environment, intelligent robotic contraptions for the cities of the future, space engineering robots, Mayan temples robot explorers, biomorphic robots and more, keep the participants motivated and enthusiastic while exploring real engineering problems.

During a robotixlab workshop participants turn into little inventors and explore a robots anatomy and their behavioral based control concept of Sense – Plan – Act by examining infamous “Thanassis”, a robot with attitude. They then build robots based on the theme scenario by either following clear, step by step instructions (for begginers) or brainstorm, design and build their very own device (for intermediate to advanced participants). Programming the robots using the computer, testing and evaluating the robot’s actions and back to programming or rebuilding a particular part of the robot lead to optimisation till the big challenge. Every robotixlab workshop cycle ends with the challenge competition in a fun and festive atmosphere teams compete with their robots. A workshop may also include, according to the age range of the participants, story telling and dramatisation, video projection and discussion and project documentation and presentation (in various forms like a slideshow, a blog or a video)