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Robotixlab is all about merging innovation, creativity, design and technology with education. We are passionate turning education into an unforgettable experience, creating concepts based on experimentation and learning by doing, using theme based scenarios, embracing failure and promoting iterative design cycles. Robotics engineers, creative educationalists and artists work together to bring to life tailor made activities and custom made hardware . From robotics workshops to DIY electronics, from 3D design, printing and making to interactive robotic exhibits for museums and from special robots for photographers to educational robot kits for kids, robotixlab people go bananas for tinkering!
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Videography robotixlab workshops merge the art of picture, motion and sound with technology and robotics. Videography workshops are a highly creative form of a multidisciplinary activity that gives the participants the opportunity to discover non conventional paths of being creative and expressive.

During a videography workshop participants brainstorm and generate the story for a 3 minutes long video. The only rule is that the main character of the sort film should be a robot of some form. The script is then shaped and teams of various roles are formed like the film production team with the director, the camera operator, the editor and the sound engineer, the roboticists with the technical director, the builders, and the programmers.

The robot according to the script is build, special technical equipment like a camera dolly or a crane is build and then the robot is programmed according to the various scenes the script dictates. The scenes are set and filmed, edited on a video editing software package and sound is added. Finally the final cut is exported and uploaded online.