Zendulum kit


Another kit has been send to robotixlab's cave to be cannibalized, eerrrr constructed tested and reviewed. This time the enchanted brown box revealed a magic sphere that goes in perpetual motion as long as the sun casts its rays onto the black mirror. Alright, it's not black magic, spells and dragon's tears cultivation, just some clever electronics by the guys from Solarbotics, a magnetic ball, a coil some other components and a small solar cell. In other words the Zendulum.





 It has to be noted that all parts arrived in good order,the quality of the laser cut acrylics was superb and the assembly instructions well documented in the manual. As soon as a quick check took place  building started and all in all it was an easy and straight forward kit to build. The high quality of the PCB makes soldering a breeze even for the beginners. The most  difficult part of the construction was to peel off the stubborn protective film to reveal the acrylic parts that complete the Zendulum.


The Zendulum can be solar or USB powered. Under bright sun, the Zendulum's magnetic sphere starts a mesmerising perpetual rolling motion in the half pipe kind of track. It's so cool watching the sphere been energized by the electromagnet every time it passes by to continue its infinity trip. The bonus part is the led that flashes every time the ball is above the coil and we all like our bells and whistles, right? If you are using it indoors or the weather is cloudy the usb power port does a great job to run it from your PC or laptop.







As the ball is super magnetized, keeping Zendulum away from other magnets or steel surfaces is a good idea to keep it rolling smoothly. We definitely had a great time putting the kit together here at the lab, not to mention that it also acts as a good conversation piece.

For more info about Zendulum visit Solarbotics website.