Robotixlab | Modeling – 3D Printing
Robotixlab is all about merging innovation, creativity, design and technology with education. We are passionate turning education into an unforgettable experience, creating concepts based on experimentation and learning by doing, using theme based scenarios, embracing failure and promoting iterative design cycles. Robotics engineers, creative educationalists and artists work together to bring to life tailor made activities and custom made hardware . From robotics workshops to DIY electronics, from 3D design, printing and making to interactive robotic exhibits for museums and from special robots for photographers to educational robot kits for kids, robotixlab people go bananas for tinkering!
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The worldwide movement of making, advances in rapid prototyping technology, computer aided design and manufacture, the third industrial revolution and having a factory in your living room is the concept of robotixlab making workshops.

What if you would like to be able to turn your imagination into reality? What if you can’t find what you need on the stores? What if you are not happy with the way something works and you want to improve it?

During robotixlab making workshops, participants explore engineering design, experiment with making techniques and materials, investigate form structures (triangles and geodesic domes) and discover the world of computer aided design and manufacture. Iterative design cycles from brainstorming and rough sketches to measurements and accurate computer aided design. Prototyping and experimenting with various materials and techniques from handcrafted to computer aided manufacturing with the help of our 3D printer. Testing and evaluation and back to the drawing board in order to improve the end product, like robot chassis and wheels or a geometric vase for flowers.