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Robotixlab is all about merging innovation, creativity, design and technology with education. We are passionate turning education into an unforgettable experience, creating concepts based on experimentation and learning by doing, using theme based scenarios, embracing failure and promoting iterative design cycles. Robotics engineers, creative educationalists and artists work together to bring to life tailor made activities and custom made hardware . From robotics workshops to DIY electronics, from 3D design, printing and making to interactive robotic exhibits for museums and from special robots for photographers to educational robot kits for kids, robotixlab people go bananas for tinkering!
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Life is a game. Undoubtedly an interesting one full of surprises, problems to solve and wildcards to pick. Other smaller games take part in the big game of life, ranging from internal games with our very own mind to games with people around us and our surrounding environment.

Robotixlab’s game design workshop, leads the participants to analyse the secret ingredients of engaging games from sports to video games and from board games to augmented reality and pervasive urban games. Then each team gets the chance to invent and design an original game of their own. It can be a video game, or a board game, an outdoors action game or a technology enhanced game, or even a novel game style that doesn’t exist. Participants are pushed to break the frontiers, set the rules, make the props, define the playground, use computer programming if needed, make microcontroller driven gadgets, design the setting, test and fine-tune the game until the result is fun and attractive. At the end play, do a little play and play some more for sure measure!

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