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Robotixlab is all about merging innovation, creativity, design and technology with education. We are passionate turning education into an unforgettable experience, creating concepts based on experimentation and learning by doing, using theme based scenarios, embracing failure and promoting iterative design cycles. Robotics engineers, creative educationalists and artists work together to bring to life tailor made activities and custom made hardware . From robotics workshops to DIY electronics, from 3D design, printing and making to interactive robotic exhibits for museums and from special robots for photographers to educational robot kits for kids, robotixlab people go bananas for tinkering!
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Robotixlab electronics workshops is all about demystifying and discovering how things work by making them from scratch or modifying and hacking them. Resistors, capacitors, diodes, leds, switches, motors, sensors, microcontrollers  turn from cryptographic codes to essential tools for inventing interactive jewellery, gesture controlled led lighting, music synthesizers, burgal alarm systems, biorobots, solar trackers for PV panels, intelligent bins and more.

Instructors explain the basics using science communication techniques and them participants explore and build up knowledge that is sourced from their own curiosity. Experimenting with various electronics modules, programming the microcontroller and trying various ideas understand how things work.

Having grasped the basics, the next phase is brainstorming and concepts evaluation. Each team decides what kind of project are they developing.

According to their age range different material and equipment is used for their project. Ranging from conductive paint and a bunch of electronic components that makes building a circuit as easy as drawing on cardboard, to libraries of electronic blocks that can be connected together magnetically and form a fully functioning system with power, input and output modules, participant’s imagination is the limit to what they will put together.

Little inventors get familiar with conductivity and non conductivity along with various materials, electricity and how it flows through a circuit, power sources, switches, leds lighting, buzzers, dc electric motors and sensors.

Bigger inventors are introduced to the magical world of digital electronics, microcontrollers and programming.

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